16th February | 03:00PM


Huge news! We are super proud to announce that our friends in Broken Teeth​ HC signed a worldwide record deal with Nuclear Blast​ Records! The band's debut album "At Peace Amongst Chaos" will be released on May 6, 2016. Don't miss to see them live together with Sick Of It All​ and Crowned Kings​ in March and Sick of it All and Terror​ in May!


28th January | 02:00PM


News of the day! From February on heavy music titans Crowbar will enter the studio again to record a new album! If all goes according to plan, it will be released this Fall!

Want to read more?


27th January | 04:00PM


Six Reasons To Kill reveal the cover artwork and tracklist of their new EP „Rote Erde“.
„Rote Erde” will be released as a 7inch with three limited vinyl colours and contains two new songs: the brand new song „Rote Erde“ and a cover version from Dismember's „Of Fire“.

"Rote Erde" will be released on 03.11.2016 via Bastardized Recordings as a single of the 2016 album release.


25th January | 03:15PM


Check out BOOZE & GLORY's brand new video for their track "Carry On"!


15th January | 03:30PM


F*** yeah! We are super happy to announce that Walls Of Jericho will release a brand new Record called "No One Can Save You From Yourself" on March 25th!


08th January | 03:30PM


It’s finally out: Southern California’s very own melodic hardcore-punk legends, IGNITE are releasing their new album “A War Against You” worldwide TODAY! Next week they will headline the PERSISTENCE TOUR! We couldn't be happier!

You can grab your copies here: awayCMDISTRO igniteamazonde


18th December | 04:15PM


IGNITE just released a killer second song from their upcoming album! You can listen to "This Is A War" here:


7th December | 02:00PM


TERROR released a new music video for their song "Sick And Tired", check it out!


10th November | 03:30PM


Here's the official Trailer for the Persistence Tour 2016! We can't wait for January to come! For tickets check out:


29th October | 06:00PM


Check out Rykers's new video for their song "The Outcast's Voice" taken from their brand new record "Never Meant To Last"!

You can get yourself a copy at:


27th October | 12:30PM


Yeah! Here's the brand new cover to the highly anticipated IGNITE album "A War Against You". The album contains 13 brand new songs and will be out worldwide on January 8th, 2016.

Digital pre-order starts on Dec. 4th and includes an instant download of the single "Nothing Can Stop Me". At the same date a strictly limited 7” will be available.


16th October | 05:00PM


HAPPY RELEASE DAY! The brand new RYKERS record "Never Meant To Last" is in stores now! You can order it here: en/preorder.html


13th October | 06:00PM


From now on we are joining forces with VOIVOD! We are super siked to welcome them to the MAD artist roster. They will be on the Deathcrusher Tour from October 23rd - November 29th together with Carcass, Napalm Death, Obituary and Herod.


12th October | 05:00PM


We are super stoked to welcome Municipal Waste to the MAD Family! First dates for 2016 will follow soon. Stay tuned!


11th September | 03:00PM


Check out Rykers's brand new song "High Five In Your Face With A Chair"! The track is taking from their new album "Never Meant To Last", which will be released October 16th.


08th September | 06:00PM


Check out Napalm Death's newest piece of art for their track "How The Years Condemn"! They will be on the Deathcrusher Tour in October and November together with Carcass, Obituary, Voivod and Herod. For tourdates check:


17th August | 05:30PM


Checked out Strife's new track "Incision" already? It's the title track to their brand new EP! Awesome tune, check it out!


12th August | 01:00PM


Awesome News! Rykers will release a brand new record called "Never Meant To Last" on October 16th! More infos will follow soon, so stay tuned!


10th August | 02:30PM


Gentlemans Pistols (feat. Bill Steer from Carcass) will release a brand new album! "Hustler's Row" will be out October 16th. Tourdates will follow soon!

You can pre-order "Hustler's Row" here:…/3964746.gentlemans-pistols.html


07th August | 06:00PM


UK-based folk-punk singer-songwriter Louise Distras, a personal favorite of yours truly, has released a brand new music video. It’s for the track “Bullets,” and you can check it out below.


07th August | 03:00PM


HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Terror's new album "The twenty fifth hour" is in stores now!


07th August | 01:00PM


Check out H2O's brand new video for their song "Skate"! Their new album "Use Your Voice" will be out October 9th!


05th August | 05:45PM


BAM! The new H2O record "Use Your Voice" is coming October 9th. Can't wait!


31th July | 01:00PM



Hailing from the heart of Germany - Berlin - five-piece wrecking crew Toxpack have announced a worldwide signing with Napalm Records. Featuring some of the heaviest Streetpunk/Streetcore in the world and already and with plenty of miles on their backs, TOXPACK is now ready to take the next step together with Napalm Records!

Founded in 2001 the band quickly found its path and stayed strongly focused with shows all over Europe, chart entries and intensive work on their music, releasing seven studio albums so far. Their latest album FRISS (2014) entered the German mediacontrol album charts at #16!
Now, it’s time for something bigger, for something even more powerful and intense! Stay tuned for much more TOXPACK to come!

TOXPACK on the singing with Napalm Records:
"2016 marks the 15th anniversary of TOXPACK! There’s definitely some heavy STREETCORE on the way on this highly promising journey! We’re totally stoked to have finally found a strong partner with Napalm Records, which absolutely marks a new milestone in the TOXPACK history!”


30th July | 05:30PM

The show in Dresden is sold out in advance! If you don't want to miss that awesome band somewhere else you should get yourself a ticket soon!

23th July | 04:00PM


Due to family and work commitments Steve Racket will leave ANGELIC UPSTARTS. Here's Thomas „Mensi“ Mensforth's statement:

"It's with regret I have to announce our guitarist Steve racket is leaving the band due to family and work commitments. He was a part of I believe the strongest angelics line up. He will play all scheduled shows until the end of December. We have had a great time and wish him all the best. Try catch us before he goes."


23th July | 03:30PM


Good news from ALPHA TIGER! With Benjamin Jaino the band found a new front man. Here's a link where you can here how he sounds like:


22th July | 03:00PM


This years With Full Force Festival was great! A hot weekend full of sick shows! Sick Of It All, Carcass, Agnostic Front, Terror, Booze and Glory, Born From Pain, Die Kassierer, PRO PAIN, Toxpack


21th July | 04:00PM


Unearth Official are on tour right now! You can still catch them live at one of these dates:

21.07. Saabrücken – Garage (Germany) + HATEBREED
22.07. Wiesbaden – Schlachthof (Germany)
23.07. Tolmin – Metal Days Festival (Slovenia)
24.07. Nürnberg – Klüpfel Open Air (Germany)
25.07. Bausendorf - Riez Open Air (Germany)
26.07. Berlin – Bi Nuu (Germany) + BRUJERIA


17. July | 01:00PM


On friday, July 24th Deathrite. will release their new album "Revelation Of Chaos". You can stream it now in it's entirety!


10. July | 05:30PM


During their European tour in March, TERROR visited us and filmed a video for their brand new song "Bad Signs" from their upcoming record "The 25th Hour".

You can watch the video here:


10. July | 10:30PM


Everything new in 2015! The RYKERS will release a brand new album this fall! We want to thank Kid-D for so many awesome years! HTTC

Here's the official statement for all news:
Alright then, here we go…
Our brand-new record 'Never Meant To Last' will hit the stores this fall!
And well, we are more than happy with the outcome.
OK, what else were we going to say…

The new stuff is straight forward, it's mean and evil and we have some nice melodic parts as well as a brutal Metal edge:
RYKER'S 2015 the way it's supposed to be.
Besides some guest singers, on vocals you will find our good ol' friend, the one and only DENNIS (Sergeant D. of Brightside, Still Screaming, Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden… fame).
BAAAAMMMMMMM… surprise, surprise…. Hardcore 2015
What about Kid D.???
Well, everything is fine and we still consider him a close friend…
It's just that he's not that interested anymore and doesn't want to spend more time playing shows and going to rehearsals.
We have to respect that.
And as you know – we do shit 100% or not at all!
Thanks Kid for …'a time we will remember'!
For us, it's a whole different story…
And to top it off we are more than happy to have an extraordinary new singer who is willing to PUSH SHIT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.
Welcome DENNIS!!!

03rd July | 12:15PM

AGNOSTIC FRONT and MADBALL just announced that they will play a last minute Show together on 6th July in Essen - Turock.

Will you guys join us?



03rd July | 12:15PM

TERROR will not play on the Lanzenanger Festival on 26th July!

As a few of you may already heard the Lanzenanger Festival in Berglengenfeld (Germany) was cancelled... But don`t worry you can see TERROR in Schweinfurt!

You can buy your tix here


24th June | 04:30PM


PRO-PAIN stream one track from the new studio album "Voice Of Rebellion"! You can hear "Age Of Disgust here:
VOICE OF REBELLION is out now! Spread the word!


24th June | 01:00PM


Paul Fenech from The Meteors want to apologize to the promoter and the fans from Stuttgart. He's doing fine, but won't get out of the hospital before friday, so we won't be able to play the show in Stuttgart this Friday. The show was rescheduled for November 6th.


17th June | 02:30PM


Check out DO OR DIE's brand new video for their Track CROWS from the upcoming record CROWS!


16th June | 01:00PM


As some of you may heard already …, but the TERROR tour will definitively takes place! All dates will happen! David Wood, Bass player from Terror and known as well as Vocalist from awesome Hardcore Band Down To Nothing will replace him on vocals during he is absent due to his injury.

Here is an official message from Scott:

"After messing my back up last week I just received the MRI results from the injury and I guess it's bitter sweet news. On one hand, it looks like I will not need surgery. On the other, I have a pretty decent disc problem in my lower back that is pressing on a nerve causing pain and also numbness down my leg to my foot. Feels kinda scary to be honest. This will take some physical therapy to correct and strengthen

Terror is scheduled to leave for our European summer tour in four days. This band does not cancel shows very easily and I would hate to be the cause of a whole tour being pulled. Our bass player, David Wood, sings for an amazing hardcore band called Down To Nothing and he is very capable of stepping in for me while I'm recovering.

I'm hoping everyone is understanding of this situation and can rally behind Terror to make this tour as fun and energized as any other. It’s going be hard for me to stay back while the band is out there playing these shows and acting like weirdos in between them, but life goes on. Please help David out by singing along and as always, we really appreciate all of your support. It's times like this when it means the most.

- Scott”


15th June | 05:30PM


DAGOBA released a video for their brand new song "Born Twice" taken from their upcoming album " Tales Of The Black Dawn" which will be released on July 10th!


15. June | 02:00PM


Guess what? There's coming a new IGNITE album!

The band renewed their worldwide deal with Century Media for their brand new record which can be expected before the end of 2015. Over the course of a year they recorded their yet untitled album with producer Cameron Webb who didn’t just record “Our Dakest Days” with IGNITE, but also worked with diverse artists such as Motörhead, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio or Pennywise just to mention a few. Stay tuned!


10th June | 01:00PM


New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT are premiering the official music video for the song ‚Old New York‘ of the band’s brand new album »The American Dream Died« via Noisey.


04th June | 12:05PM


Unfortunately HATEBREED are forced to cancels tonight’s show in Copenhagen. After their performance in Magdeburg on June 3rd the band were struck with a flat tire on their tour bus while heading towards Copenhagen. The tire replacement set back the band several hours resulting in the band not being able to complete the drive and make it on time for tonight’s performance in Copenhagen. The next two HATEBREED performances at SWEDEN ROCK and FORTAROCK are not affected and will definitively take place!


27th May | 03:30PM


CARCASS are playing this year's With Full Force Festival together with awesome bands like Agnostic Front, Booze & Glory, Born From Pain, Die Kassierer, Pro-Pain, Sick Of It All, Terror and Toxpack!


20. May | 01:30PM


HATEBREED's frontman Jamey Jasta says he'll start writing an album after the european tour!!

The singer says touring commitments have prevented them returning to the studio sooner, but they've now set aside time to write the follow-up to 2013's The Divinity of Purpose.

Jasta tells Full Metal Jackie: "We are going to start writing in October. That’s the game plan. We were going to try it sooner then we got offered this Slipknot arena tour, and then we got offered festivals in July in Europe, and some festivals in the States and Canada in June.

"As soon as you are ready to get out, they are ready to pull you back in. It is a good problem to have. It’s like there is still demand in the live setting, so that is cool. In September we are headed back to the UK. So, it is going to have to be the end of September, early October when we get back into writing mode."


15th May | 07:00PM


We are happy to welcome back Bombshell Rocks​ from Västerås, Sweden to the MAD Family!
What a great soundtrack for the weekend!


06th May | 04:00PM


THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! We’re beyond excited to present you the video for our the new WOLF DOWN song “Flames Of Discontent”! Head over to Noisey for an exclusive stream now!

„Flames Of Discontent" will be released alongside another new song on a 7“ called „Liberation EP“ on May 22nd by End Hits Records and EVIL GREED.

The 7" will be available on limited black/green and black/red vinyl. Both versions are NOW UP FOR PRE-ORDER!

Black/Red Version:
Black/Green Version:


05th May | 02:30PM


AGNOSTIC FRONT released a brand new video for their song "Never Walk Alone" featuring Freddy from MADBALL, Lou from SICK OF IT ALL and Toby from H2O!

Also Agnostic Front is on tour right now! You can catch them here:
05.05. Gdynia – Ucho (Poland) + PUNISHABLE ACT
06.05. Krakow – Kwadrat (Poland) + PUNISHABLE ACT
07.05. Wroclaw – Alibi (Poland) + PUNISHABLE ACT
08.05. Vechta – Gulfhaus (Germany)
09.05. Cham – La Café (Germany)
10.05. Freiburg – Atlantik (Germany)
11.05. Milano – Lo Fi Club (Italy)
12.05. Ciampino (RM) – Orion Live Club (Italy)
13.05. Bologna – Locomotiv Club (Italy)
14.05. Aarau – Kiff (Switzerland)
15.05. Montpellier – Secret Place (France)
16.05. Malestroit – Salle des Fetes (France)
17.05. Paris – La Flèche d’Or (France)
18.05. Saarbrücken – Garage (Germany)
19.05. Berlin – SO36 (Germany) + ISOLATED + RISK IT!
20.05. Osnabrück – Bastard Club (Germany)
21.05. Arnhem – Willemeen (Netherlands)
22.05. Oberhausen – Ruhrpott Rodeo (Germany)


24th April | 03:30PM


Amazing announcement! AGNOSTIC FRONT will get their own film made by Director Ian McFarland!
Please go over to our kickstarter page at and check out the project as well as all the one of a kind AF incentives you can grab!!!


20th April | 05:00PM


BIG NEWS! Louise Distras joins forces with Pirates Press Records for debut USA release!

After taking the UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, now she is entering the USA by storm, with the stateside release of her debut album ‘Dreams from the Factory Floor’ which will be available in all major record shops and online music stores from 5 May.


16th April | 03:30PM


New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT are premiering the official music video for the song 'A Wise Man' feat. Matt Henderson of the band’s brand new album »The American Dream Died« today.


10th April | 02:30PM


Please welcome LOUDBLAST to the MAD family! Watch the video for their song "Ascending Straight In Circles" here:

Want to see LOUDBLAST live?                                          
10.04. Bordeaux - Le Bootleg (France)
25.04. Lille - L'Aeronef (France)


08th April | 06:00PM


Check out the video of DEATH BY STEREO's cover of Rancid​'s "rejected" that was just released on BlankTV featuring their friend Skinhead Rob​.


08th April | 02:00PM


AGNOSTIC FRONT released a brand new video for "The American Dream Died"! The Album is out now! Spread the word!


08th April | 12:30PM


There is a brand new Festival in Belgrade (Serbia) which is called Rockaway Lake Festival. RYKERS, MAD SIN and IRON REAGAN will join it! Two days of sun, swimming & punk rock!

For more information please click here


31st March | 05:30PM


AGNOSTIC FRONT are streaming their upcoming album "The American Dream Died" IN FULL!

"The American Dream Died" will be in stores on the 3rd of April in the EU, the 6th of April in the UK and the 7th of April in the US. Order the album:


30rd March | 06:00PM

Say hello to another new MAD member: IN OTHER CLIMES! Watch the video for their song "This Is Your Time" here:


30th March | 02:30PM


TOXPACK playing a special show on Friday together with SOIFASS and PIRATENPABST at Cassiopeia in Berlin!


23rd March | 03:00PM

New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT have released the fourth webisode for the band's forthcoming album, »The American Dream Died«: Watch the episode "A Wise Man" here:


23rd March | 01:00PM


The German band SLOMIND will join the MAD family! Check out their video for their Song "A Twisted Fantasy"!


19th March | 01:00PM

Two days ago the STREET DOGS played a show in Anaheim. During their last Song a group of Neo-Nazi's entered the venue. We are lucky to live in a world where Bands like Street Dogs, Agnostic Front , Madball, Terror, Sick Of it All, The Business and so many more influence what is acceptable behavior in today's punk scene. They consistently take a real stands against Nazi's - racism and sexism. Here you can read Mike's statement of what happened:

(Btw: Lenny is fine today, he has the heart of a lion! He will play a show and police your scene for racists at the same time.)

"At this time I would like to officially address what happened in Anaheim. Last night at our show in Anaheim at the House Of Blues while we were playing our song Final Transmission for a dear departed fan and friend of ours USMC Jordan Stanton we noticed a group of Neo nazis rough housing and intimidating our fans and throwing up sieg heil salutes in the air. Their very presence, their hateful,bigoted and ignorant ideology is odious to us and completely unacceptable. We with fans, friends and the assistance of security removed them from the crowd and in the process of mitigating them out some of us sustained superficial injuries. We can attribute those injuries only being superficial in nature to the House Of Blues and their exceptional staff, our fans and our friends. After they were removed we continued with our show and finished the show without incident. In closing we submit this no neo nazis are allowed at our shows. We have always believed in equality and that all people are created equal. We will not suffer or tolerate bigotry in any manifestation. PERIOD!!!! Respectfully Submitted,

Mike McColgan
Street Dogs"


13th March | 02:30PM

AGNOSTIC FRONT have released the third webisode for the band's forthcoming album, "The American Dream Died".
Watch the episode "Sunday Matinee Sessions" here:


06th March | 04:45PM

New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT have released the music video for the brand new song 'Police Violence', taken from the band's forthcoming album, »The American Dream Died«


26th February | 04:00PM

Check out BORN FROM PAIN's brand new video for "Dance With The Devil"!


23rd February | 05:15PM


NAPALM DEATH's show on April 21st in Wellington Australia is SOLD OUT! There is a 2nd show on April 22nd!


20th February | 04:30PM

And here it is: the First Trailer for AGNOSTIC FRONT's upcoming album »The American Dream Died«!


13th February | 03:45PM

New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT have released an intro video for the upcoming webisodes documenting the production process and the backgrounds of their forthcoming album, »The American Dream Died«.


03rd January | 05:30PM


WALLS OF JERICHO Signs With Napalm Records!

Austrian Metal Powerhouse Napalm Records is pleased to announce the signing of Detroit Michigan’s WALLS OF JERICHO. The band is currently working on their new album, which is their first full length since 2008. After releasing a demo track “Restless” earlier this year, the band felt the itch again and decided to get back to recording. The resulting album be released by Napalm Records later this year.

Drummer Dustin Schoenhofer on signing with Napalm Records:
“All of us in WALLS OF JERICHO are proud and very excited to have signed with Napalm Records and are looking forward to finally finding the right partnership to release our new music with. We would like to thank both Napalm and all our Fans and Family for being so patient with us these past seven years since our last release cause its long overdue.”

Thomas Caser, Napalm Records VP:
“We are thrilled to work with one of the most exciting acts out of this genre and one of the best live bands out there! WALLS OF JERICHO have left their mark in the music industry and yet there is so much more to come for this band. Watch out for the band’s new album this year and make sure you catch them live at some point if you have not seen them!”

Seemingly overnight, stylized bands playing strains of melodic hardcore have sailed up the pop charts. But for WALLS OF JERICHO things have played out a bit differently. During the scene’s ascension, the band’s members have all but shunned the idea of a genre tag or an “image” and have instead focused their energies on making music that will survive strictly on its musical merits.

Most bands in the world can be lumped into one category or another, they are shuffled, redefined, and in that way they begin to lose the qualities that could make them important or meaningful. The greatest bands, the most influential or memorable, are the ones who don’t try to fill the role set for them, who don’t pursue anything other than the desire to make music, and the need to express that art to an audience. From the start this has been the mind-set of WALLS OF JERICHO.


02nd February | 01:00PM


NAPALM DEATH's show on February 10th in Chicago is SOLD OUT! #throughspaceandgrindtour


22nd January | 01:30PM


New York hardcore pioneers AGNOSTIC FRONT have announced the details for their upcoming eleventh album, 'The American Dream Died'.

Commented singer Roger Miret: "We chose this title because we want to open up people's eyes to what's going on in this country. We have a lot to say. Not everyone realizes that our government and the people who run this country are so corrupt, greedy and ruthless. We need to educate the ones we reach. We're losing our values. We address real issues from full blown corruption and scandals to unjust police abuse and brutality. Everything's we stood for as a country is going down the drain. But we still somewhat have our freedom of speech. We're expressing it all through this record while we can."

'The American Dream Died' was produced by MADBALL singer Freddy Cricien and engineered, mixed and mastered by Paul Miner (H2O, Terror) and will be released April 4 (Europe) and April 7 (N. America), 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The record will feature guest appearances by Cricien, Toby Morse (H2O) and Lou Koller (SICK OF IT ALL).

'The American Dream Died' track list:

01. Intro
02. The American Died
03. Police Violence
04. Only In America
05. Test Of Time
06. We Walk The Line
07. Never Walk Alone feat. Freddy Cricien, Toby Morse & Lou Koller
08. Enough Is Enough
09. I Can't Relate
10. Old New York
11. Social Justice
12. Reasonable Doubt
13. No War Fuck You
14. Attack!
15. A Wise Man
16. Just Like Yesterday

These rarely confronted and always respected leaders of hardcore were established as one of the meanest-sounding bands in the emerging punk genre, helping to initiate the term "hardcore," and placing an entire uproar on the New York map by association. From the start, AGNOSTIC FRONT released a catalogue of fast and violent punk tunes consisting of distinctive and aggressive drumming, fuming guitars, overdriven bass work, and a non-stop barrage of chaotic shouting.


21st January | 05:00PM


Before the Rebellion Tour STRIFE will be doing a small run of show to celebrate 20 Years of One Truth!
13.02. Athens - TBA (Greece)
14.02. Ieper - Ieper Winter Fest (Belgium)
15.02. Dresden – Puschkin (Germany)
16.02. Prague – EXIT-US (Czech Republic)


12th December | 05:30PM

Nasty just released a video for the title track "Shokka" of their upcoming release which will be out February 27th. You can see them live on the TASTE OF ANARCHY TOUR from March 6th until March 28th.

You can get tickets for the "Taste of Anarchy Tour" here:



09th January | 05:30PM


In the light of the upcoming release date for their newest, 15th studio album “Apex Predator - Easy Meat” on January 26th, 2015 in Europe and January 27th, 2015 in North America via Century Media Records, UK Grindcore pioneers Napalm Death are now launching a second promotional track online.

Check out “How The Years Condemn”here:


05th January | 11:00AM


The pre-sale for NAPALM DEATH's 15th studio album “Apex Predator - Easy Meat” started! The album will be released on January 26th in Europe. Make sure to get yourself a copy!

You can order it here:


18th December | 01:00PM


BAM! Rebellion 6 is back on the streets! We are proud to announce the final line up:

You can catch them live here:
17.02. Berlin - SO36 (Germany)
18.02. Hamburg – Gruenspan (Germany)
19.02. Köln - Gebäude 9 (Germany)
20.02. Stuttgart – Universum (Germany)
21.02. Lindau - Club Vaudeville (Germany)
22.02. Montpellier - Secret Place (France)
23.02. Murcia - Sala Garage Club (Spain)
24.02. Madrid - Sala Caracol (Spain)
25.02. Malaga - Sala Eventual (Spain)
26.02. Lisbon - Republica da Musica (Portugal)
27.02. Coruña - Sala O’Tunnel (Spain)
28.02. Vitoria - Sala Jimmy Jazz (Spain)
01.03. Barcelona - Sala Razzmatazz 2 (Spain)


02nd December | 03:00PM


TERROR are coming back to Europe in March together with Nails, Risk It and Redemption Denied! This is going to be great!

05.03. Berlin – Lido (Germany)
06.03. Schleiz – Woody's (Germany)
07.03. Magdeburg – Factory (Germany)
08.03. Sneek – Het Bolwerk (Netherlands)
09.03. Karlsruhe – Die Stadtmitte (Germany)
10.03. Cham – LA Café (Germany)
11.03. Weinheim – Café Central (Germany)
12.03. Paris – Petit Bain (France)
13.03. Bochum – Bahnhof Langendreer (Germany)
14.04. Hasselt – Music O Drom (Belgium)
15.03. London – Underground (Great Britain)


02nd December | 01:30PM


Having just wrapped up a tour through Japan, UK Grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH are now launching the cover artwork and the tracklisting for their upcoming 15th studio album. Entitled “Apex Predator - Easy Meat”, the album will be released on January 26th, 2015 in Europe.

This is the tracklist for “Apex Predator - Easy Meat”:
1. Apex Predator - Easy Meat
2. Smash A Single Digit
3. Metaphorically Screw You
4. How The Years Condemn
5. Stubborn Stains
6. Timeless Flogging
7. Dear Slum Landlord…
8. Cesspits
9. Bloodless Coup
10. Beyond The Pale
11. Stunt Your Growth
12. Hierarchies
13. One-Eyed
14. Adversarial / Copulating Snakes


01st December | 05:00PM


The lineup for the PUNK & DISORDERLY is constantly growing! We can proudly announce that the all mighty THE EXPLOITED will be the third Headliner!Also THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS are joining the P&D!
More bands are coming up soon!


28th November | 01:30PM


Yes! Finally we start our presale for the PUNK & DISORDERLY 2015!!!
Save your Tickets for the Punk and Oi! party of the year!
As always we offer the 5-Friends-Ticket. So lump together and save money.
We also offer a bundle with the P&D DVD Vol. 1 for only 5 € more.
You can order hardtickets on our homepage, buy them in our local presale stores or order tickets via
We can’t wait to see all our old friends and fans again and of course new faces as well!             


26th November | 12:30PM


Seminal NYC hardcore veterans AGNOSTIC FRONT will enter the studio on December 5th to begin recording their 11th studio album which they are calling "The American Dream Died”!
“This recording promises to be mean, fast and furious; with elements of our classic styles, adding chaotic blasts of real old school hardcore!", comments Miret.
Can’t wait to hear it!


21st November | 11:45AM


Tonight's MADBALL show in Oberentfelden (Switzerland) is SOLD OUT!!


20th November | 11:00AM


YES! NAPALM DEATH just released the brand new track "Cesspits" from their upcoming album "Apex Predator - Easy Meat". You can check it out on the website of UK’s Terrorizer Magazine here: news/streams/ napalm-death-premiere-new-s ong-cesspits-terrorizer/

"Apex Predator - Easy Meat" will be released on January 26th!

17th November | 01:00PM
The Show in Osnabrück on November 23th 2014 is sold out!
07th November | 06:00PM
The Show in Gothenburg on November 15th 2014 is sold out!

06th November | 04:30PM

The show at the Chemiefabrik, Dresden is sold out already! What a great way to start a tour! Get yout tickets soon!

05th November | 12:30PM


There is a message from NAPALM DEATH. Read the full statement here:

"Due to illness within his family, we would like to announce that Mitch Harris will unfortunately not be performing with us for the near future. We stress that this is not a permanent arrangement, although we are unsure exactly when Mitch will return under the circumstances.
Naturally, we sympathise and wish Mitch all the best for now. In the
meantime we will be joined by guitarists who we know can grind it out in his absence.
Thanks for your understanding
Napalm Death"


04th November | 05:00PM


BAM! NAPALM DEATH are playing a US Tour from January 27th till February 28th together with Voivod, Exhumed, M.A.D mates IRON REAGAN and Black Crown Initiate! This is going to be insane!


03rd November | 01:00PM


SSS is now streaming their new album "LIMP.GASP.COLLAPSE" via AllMusic. You can hear it here:

OUT November 10, pre-order bundles are available via

Digital pre-order's, including an instant track download of "Slave to Persuasion" available via:
Amazon MP3:


31st October | 06:00PM

LIONHEART released a brand new video! Watch "Rest in Power" here:


31st October | 02:00PM


NAPALM DEATH announce new album title and release date!

Their 15th studio release will be entitled “Apex Predator – Easy Meat” and will be released via Century Media Records on January 26th in Europe!

Some song titles already revealed are "Copulating Snakes", "Dear Slum Landlord" (aired at Roadburn 2014), "What Is Past Is Prologue" and "Stunt Your Growth".

Additionally, NAPALM DEATH have recently been announced to appear at 2015’s edition of the 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise in the Caribbean (Florida / Jamaica) from January 22nd to 26th alongside bands like Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Blind Guardian, Cannibal Corpse, Municipal Waste and many more.

Check here for details:
or here:


29th October | 01:30PM

HAMMERCULT released a new video for their brand new track "Metal Rules Tonight"! WATCH IT!!


27th October | 06:00PM

Have you already seen CARCASS new lyric Video for "Livestock Marketplace" from their upcoming EP Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel? There you Go!
23rd October | 06:00PM

NASTY are headlining the Taste Of Anarchy Tour 2015!! Together with five great Bands they will kick your asses!

The total line up:



22th October | 06:00PM

Have you already check out PAY NO RESPECT's new video for their song "Hope For The Hopeless"? In Your Face!

21st October | 05:00PM

Great! The NAPALM DEATH Show at Amadeus in Oldenburg is SOLD OUT!! You can catch them together with HATEBREED here:
08.11 Chemnitz - Südbahnhof
09.11. Hannover - Capitol
10.11. Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
11.11. Genf - L'Usine
12.11. Ludwigsburg - Rockfabrik
13.11. Bochum - Matrix

Without Hatebreed:
07.11. Wroclaw Alibi
14.11. Oldenburg - Amadeus SOLD OUT
15.11. Weissenhäuser Strand - Metal Hammer Paradise

14th October | 05:00PM

VIDEO PREMIERE! Carcass just released a new video for "The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills" from their latest album "Surgical Steel"

10th October | 01:00PM


LA Hardcore is coming back to Europe this November! TERROR are headling the Never Say Die! Tour 2014. Get ready for some stage dives!


08th October | 12:00PM



Yesterday THE MAHONES released their brand new album "The Hunger & The Fight". Great Album! You can buy it here:


01st October | 03:15PM

Hanover label Steamhammer/SPV has announced an exciting new addition to its roster: Alpha Tiger, the melodic metal act from Saxony, have signed a recording deal and are set to release their third album iDENTITY on Steamhammer on 19 January 2015 (Scandinavia: 14 January, Germany: 16 January 2015, USA end of January).

26th September | 04:30PM


We're stoked to welcome IRON REAGAN to the MAD Family!!

The band features members of Municipal Waste, Darkest Hour and Mammoth Grinder.  But in practice IRON REAGAN are WAY more than just a supergroup project; they have delivered one of the heaviest hardcore records of the year that is guaranteed to be on the top of both metalheads’ and punk rockers’ year end lists.   


25th September | 11:00AM

NYC Hardcore Legends MADBALL just released a brand new video for their song "Doc Marten Stomp". Watch it!!

24th September | 03:15PM


CARCASS will release a collection of unreleased and hard to find tracks this November entitled the Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP.

The EP will be release on physical and digital formats on November 14 (Europe) and November 17 (UK).


19th September | 01:30PM

SWORN ENEMY's new album "Living on Borrowed Time" landed on two of Billboard’s top charts including #8 on The Heatseekers Chart and #20 on the Hard Music Chart. If you haven't hear it yet, don't miss to check it out!

08th September | 03:30PM

NAPALM DEATH are playing Slipknot's KNOTFEST on October 26! This is going to be sick!

03rd September | 04:30PM

After two years of waiting, THE MAHONES will release a new Record! "The Hunger & The Fight" will be out on 31.10. exclusive on Wolverine Records.

01st September | 12:30PM

NAPALM DEATH sending greetings out of the studio. Currently they are recording a new record, which will be released in 2015. We can't wait to hear the results!
28th August | 02:30PM
Due to an illness in the band, Buster Shuffle unfortunately had to cancel their performance at this year's Spirit Festival! But don't miss to see bands like Crushing Caspars, Discipline, The Business and The Meteors.
15th August | 02:45PM

We are very proud to announce the final line-up for the upcoming PERSISTENCE TOUR!

Sick Of It All
Walls Of Jericho
Broken Teeth!

Tickets are available at . Don’t miss it, spread the word!

11th August | 16:00PM

After just arriving back home from a successful run of European (festival) dates SICK OF IT ALL are launching the first track taken from their upcoming album “Last Act Of Defiance”, “Road Less Traveled”, via

At the same time the legendary NYHC outfit announces headlining next year’s edition of the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR which will be the perfect setting to present you “Last Act Of Defiance” live:

EMP Persistence Tour 2015
15.01.2015 (DE) Berlin - Astra
16.01.2015 (DE) Hamburg - Grosse Freiheit 36
17.01.2015 (DE) Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
18.01.2015 (F) Paris - Bataclan
19.01.2015 (NL) Utrecht - Tivoli
20.01.2015 (DE) Wiesbaden - Schlachthof
21.01.2015 (CH) Pratteln - Z7 
22.01.2015 (DE) Munich – Backstage Werk
23.01.2015 (CZ) Ostrava - Trojhali Karolina 
24.01.2015 (DE) Dresden - Eventwerk
25.01.2015 (BE) Deinze - Brielpoort

More bands will be announced shortly!

“Last Act Of Defiance” is set for a release on the following dates:
Europe, Australia / NZ: September 29th, 2014
USA, Canada: September 30th, 2014


15th July | 17:45PM

YES! "Hardcore Lives", the brand new and long awaited new album by NYHC legends MADBALL has hit the official album charts in several European countries:

Germany: #43
Switzerland: #61
Austria: #70
Belgium (VL): #148
Belgium (WA): #188

11th July | 17:45PM

We are proud to announce a new member in our MAD TOURBOOKING family: Please welcome DAGOBA! Check out their amazing show @ Hellfest!
10th July | 16:30PM

There is one bad and one good news: The Sick Of It All show at Greenville Festival have been cancelled! But here is the good news: We are happy to announce that they now play at Universum in Stuttgart!

Tickets are available at

09th July | 14:15PM

The show at The Academy in Dublin is sold out! There are a few limited tickets left for their show in Belfast on 19. July. So make sure to get yourself a ticket for CARCASS returning to Ireland.

08th July | 11:20AM

The show in Hannover is sold out! Make sure to get yourself a ticket for one of IGNITE’s shows!

27th June | 11:00AM
The tour starts today and the shows in Siegen and Wiesbaden are already sold out! If you plan to see IGNITE live you should get yourself a ticket now.

25th June | 11:00AM

Check out Madballs new video "Born Strong" from the upcoming record "Hardcore Lives" which will be released June 27th!
11th June | 01:20PM

First it was Eric Olson, now POISON IDEA is proud to welcome another old member back into the fold: Chris "Spider" Carey is once again playing bass! The band is so happy, he decided to go with them to Europe this summer. Welcome back, Chris!

21st May | 01:50PM

New York hardcore legends AGNOSTIC FRONT have announced the addition of guitarist Craig Silverman to the group's ranks. The band states: "He is no stranger to the hardcore scene. A true veteran, Craig has played for ONLY LIVING WITNESS, BLOOD FOR BLOOD, RAMALLAH, SLAPSHOT and many more! We are proud, excited and happy to have him with us on our upcoming tour in Europe this coming August!"

06th May | 02:30PM

The lineup and the routing for the Razer: HELL ON EARTH TOUR are completed!
Check the dates, save your tickets for a show in your area soon to make sure that you’ll be a part of an unforgettable show!

30th April | 12:00PM

Any money that CONFLICT receive for their show in Berlin will be donated to women's refuge and the rape crisis center!
Support this!

16th April | 03:00PM

New York City hardcore veterans MADBALL have set Hardcore Lives as the title of their forthcoming album. The LP was engineered by Ken Susi (of Unearth) and mixed/mastered by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Whitechapel). It also features guest appearances from Scott Vogel (Terror), Toby Morse (H20) and Candace Puopolo (formerly Kucsulain, Walls of Jericho).
The LP is to be released on June 27th via Cricien’s own The Black N Blue Label for the U.S. and Nuclear Blast. It will be available as a digipak and limited edition colored orange vinyl, both including two additional bonus tracks: “The Beast” which also appeared on 2012′s EP Rebellion and “Spit On Your Grave” originally from 1992′s Dropping Many Suckas EP. Both tracks have been exclusively re-recorded for this release.

15th April | 05:50PM

Another sold out show! No tickets for CROWBAR tonight in Osnabrück available anymore!

15th April | 05:40PM

Because of logistic problems the REBELLION TOUR 5 show in Copenhagen is canceled. The polish guys can be glad, there will be a show in Bydgoszcz instead!
26.04. Bydgoszcz – Estrada (Poland)
The REBELLION TOUR 5 feat. MADBALL, BIOHAZARD, WISDOM IN CHAINS, DEVIL IN ME and FINAL PRAYER starts soon! Save your tickets before it’s to late!

15th April | 10:50AM

The Aachen show of HATBREED and THE SETUP on April, 21st is already sold out! That’s gonna be a blast!

10th April | 11:40AM

GRUMPY OLD MEN will replace CHOSEN ONES on Saturday! So be there early and party with them!

08th April | 11:30AM

The DANCE WITH THE DEVIL tour is a great success. Already two of five shows was totally sold out! If you want to see BORN FROM PAIN, FIRST BLOOD, DESOLATED and NO SECOND THOUGHT live, save your ticket soon!

07th April | 12:00PM

Germany’s STRONGBOW will replace THE BLOOD at the PUNK & DISORDERLY 2014!
Unfortunately we have to tell you that THE BLOOD and CHOSEN ONES are not able to play the festival this year. STRONGBOW are jumping in on Sunday!
Furthermore we stopped to sending our online presale for the PUNK & DISORDERLY 2014 today. But don’t worry, you can still buy tickets at the presale stores and directly at the door.

26th March | 01:50PM

PUNK & DISORDERLY 2014 starts in only 15 days!!!
If you want to order your tickets from foreigner countries, please do that until Sunday, March 26th! We will stop sending out tickets to outside of Germany on Monday.

24th March | 05:10PM

New NASTY video for ""Lying When They Love Us" is online!


20th March | 04:20PM

At last, it was about time! RYKER’S will release their new record „Hard To The Core“ on May, 05th 2014 via BDHW Records! For those who can’t wait that long, the preorder starts on April, 11th:

14th March | 02:00PM

We can proudly announce PAY NO RESPECT from the UK as opener for the HELL ON EARTH TOUR 2014!

11th March | 01:00PM

The HELL ON EARTH TOUR is back and like always we have zinger bands on board!
Boston’s metal outfit UNEARTH is headlining the tour and will bring the clubs to a boil with their heavy sound! Their colleagues in SHADOWS FALL are also on board. They will be supported by THE ACACIA STRAIN and WAR OF AGES. But that’s not all! You can look forward to one more band per show.
From the August , 29th up to the September, 14th the HELL ON EARTH TOUR will cross Europe! Be a part of one of the 17 shows when this tour will bring the hell on earth to your clubs!

07th March | 04:30PM

EVERGREEN TERRACE released a new video for the song „Dead Horses“, the title song of their new record that came out in January this year!


07th March| 03:00PM

ALL FOR NOTHING’s new album “What Lies Within Us” will be streaming for 1 week from Friday March 7th +/- 6 pm local time on via Germany's and in the USA. Check it out and enjoy!

05th March | 05:30PM

After a year of consistent songwriting, NYC hardcore legends MADBALL entered the studio earlier this week to begin recording their next album. The band is currently holed up at Zing Studios in Westfield, MA with Ken Susi (of Unearth) at the production helm. The outing will be mixed by Zeuss and an early-summer release is tentatively planned.

03rd March | 03:10PM

SLAPSHOT finished the recording for their new record that is coming out end of sping or early summer of 2014!
Check the video of their last day of recording. Just a few behind the scenes of how it goes when they record. We are psyched and can’t wait to listen to the new SLAPSHOT tunes.


28th Februay | 02:10PM

ALL FOR NOTHING proudly presents their new album: "What Lies Within Us".
"Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn't what you get for it, but what you become for it. Created with the heart, built with the mind. This is what lies within us"
ALL FOR NOTHING’s “What Lies Within Us” is the culmination of a decade of never ceasing passion for a fast, furious and melodic mix of Hardcore, Punk Rock and Metal. Each song is an unrelenting blend of groovy melodic riffs, crushing breakdowns and sing-a-long choruses. With every single song, new boundaries are smashed and different horizons explored. 

Here you can preorder the new record:

New Video:


26th Februay | 11:50AM

THE BRAINS released a new video for „Misery”:
They’ll also release a new EP with cover songs this April!
Stay tuned for more European tour dates!


21st February | 11:10AM

Check WALLS OF JERICHO's new demo video! It's gorgeous stuff!
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Click the link below and take a listen and look at our new song RELENTLESS. Obviously this is demo recording but we wanted to share with you the message behind this song and one of the many reasons we are doing the May 17th Detroit benefit show.
Enjoy," - Walls Of Jericho.


20th February | 03:10PM

The lineup for the official PUNK & DISORDLERY opening night is complete!
Come and celebrate with us at BI NUU (Schlesisches Tor) on the 10th of April!
Tickets are only 12 € at the door and if you show your P&D Weekend Ticket it’s only 10 €!
But don’t party too hard, the Festival starts one day later!

18th February | 05:30PM

REBELLION TOUR goes in its 5th round!
MADBALL teamed up with BIOHAZARD, WISDOM IN CHAINS, DEVIL IN ME and FINAL PRAYER to rock the European stages!
They’ll be supported by special guest IGNITE and H2O on many shows!
Check the dates and save your ticket for this amazing HC event!

18th February | 04:15PM

Today, KEVIN SECONDS’s 6th solo album “Off Stockton” comes out on Rise Records!  Check this out, fall in love with the songs and sing along at the upcoming European tour this April!

17th February | 03:00PM

EMP put together a little impression about the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR show in Oberhausen! Check this out!


17th February | 12:40PM

The HATEBREED and NAPALM DEATH show in Ostrava has been sold out! This will be a fun show!

14th February | 02:30PM

We are sorry to tell you that the tour with HATEBREED and NAPALM DEATH will go on without THE EXPLOITED because of health problems.
THE EXPLOITED via Facebook:„Im sorry to say that due to a severe illness. That wattie can't continue with the tour.he will be in hospital for at least a week. Thanks for all the get well messages.much appreciated. Regards the exploited.”

06th February | 02:00PM

TERROR teamed up with DEEZ NUTS, NASTY and BROKEN THEETH to go on European tour in April and May! You should not miss this amazing lineup! So check the dates and save your ticket for a show in your area soon!
Terror loves being in Europe. On this next tour, we are hitting a bunch of countries, some cool fests and a show with Hatebreed. It's going be a good fucking time. The line up is diverse, but stacked and if you don't know about Broken Teeth from the UK - brace yourself, they are one of the hardest-hitting younger bands out there.” – Scott Vogel (Terror)

05th February | 04:10PM

You missed to buy a tour shirt of the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014? No problem, you can get one for only 10 € right here:

31st January | 11:30AM

DIE KASSIERER Show in Hannover @ Faust tonight is completely sold out! We wish eveybody that got hold of a ticket a lot of fun!
You better save your tickets for the upcoming shows soon!

28th January | 03:30UPM

EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014 is over! Thanks to all the fans, bands and the crew to making this tour so amazing!
See you in 2015!!!

13th January | 02:10PM

You can find the set times for each city right here:

02nd January | 05:00PM

Here is the official video for RISK IT's "The Only Thing" which was taken at the Still Cold Fest last year! Big ups to Andreas DuckTape HC for the great work!


20th December | 02:00PM


19th December | 11:20AM

ALL FOR NOTHING - What Lies Within Us - GSR086 CD & LP - out late April 2014.
On the road since the mid 00's, ALL FOR NOTHING has become a landmark in todays HC scene.
Averse to any temporary fashionable trends and hypes, ALL FOR NOTHING does what they do best: fast and grooving melodic hardcore with passionate lyrics. ALL FOR NOTHING's trademark are honest, to-the-point songs to vent their views and frustrations on personal and global issues.
After the successful albums "Miles & Memories" (2009) and "To Live And Die For" (2012), which brought them numerous headline and support shows across European and Asian venues and festivals, ALL FOR NOTHING is set with "What Lies Within Us" for the next level and ready to take their music around the globe in the years to come. As usual with their heart on their sleeves, energetic sound, rife with sing-along choruses and anthems galore whilst oozing a positive vibe that will no doubt induce circle-pits and stage dives.
New boundaries will be explored and crossed.

12th December | 04:30PM

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS released a brand new video for their song „Dark Sunset“!
You can watch it right here:


06th December | 01:40PM

The lineup for the PUNK & DISORDERLY 2014 is completed!!!
Last but not least we can confirm ANGELIC UPSTARTS and TROTSKIDS!
We are gonna have a blast! We are looking forward to see you!

04th December | 04:20PM

The lineup for the PUNK & DISORDERLY is almost completed! We can proudly announce that THE BONES from Sweden and UK’s punk outfit THE BLOOD are joining the P&D!
Two more bands are coming up soon!

02nd December | 05:10PM

We have some X-Mas special prices for you!
For a few cities we can offer some cool deals for the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014!

Berlin: 5-Friends-Ticket! Buy 5 Tickets for altogether 120 € (including shipping and fee). Don’t sleep on this, it’s only available until the 20. Dec.!
:  Buy 4, get the 5th ticket for free! Attention: the offer is limited, so be fast!
Dresden:  Buy 4, get the 5th ticket for free! Attention: the offer is limited, so hurry up!
Tilburg: There are 100 tickets for only 27 € (including fees) each available! Get yours now!

02nd December | 03:50PM

The COCK SPARER show on Dec, 07th has been sold out! Save your tickets for Nürnberg and Hamburg soon!

26th November | 04:30PM

RYKER‘S are going straight from the practice room on stage for you!
During their recordings that they are working on at the moment RYKER‘S will play only one single show! They will support the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR in Oberhausen @ Turbinenhalle (18th January 2014) as very special guest!
Chris comments: “Hey, i think most of you guys already recognized that we are working on new songs at the moment! We will record them with our good friend Andy Classen in January. I guess no RYKERS fan will be disappointed! But anyway there is still a huge difference between studio recordings and the real spirit of Hardcore – playing LIVE!! This shitty stage that demands everything from yourself and repay you very well. That’s why im hooked to give ourselves a little break from the studio to play at the Ruhr area at the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR! Together we will burn the house down! Still hart to the core… See ya in the Pit! Chris RYKER’S 2013” 

26th November | 01:50PM

The ENTER THE NU BREED Tour 2013 feat. MADBALL, DEEZ NUTS, YOUR DEMISE and NASTYstarts soon! Check the dates and save your tickets!


25th November | 12:30PM

Three more new bands confirmed! Also on board are CRASHED OUT, FRONT KICK and NOISE AGENT!
Save your tickets soon!

22nd November | 12:00PM

Guitarist Kirk Windstein appears to have exited DOWN in order to focus "100%" on his other band, CROWBAR. Writing on Facebook, Windstein said: “For months now, I have been posting that I am concentrating on CROWBAR 100% FULL TIME…
2014 marks the 25th anniversary of CROWBAR and it's a great feeling to put my heart and soul into something that I created so long ago. We are entering the studio on December 16 to record our 10th full-length record. Look for a late spring release on eOne.
See y'all on the road with CROWBAR!!!"

20th November | 03:00PM

We give away two PRO-PAIN „THE FINAL REVOLUTION“ limited Edition colored Vinyl incl. CD!
All you have to do is share this facebook post (klick here) until the 22nd of November and leave a comment why you wanna win!
POR-PAIN’s European tour starts on the 29th of November and they will perform some of the song of their new record for sure! So check the dates and save your tickets for a show in your area!

19th November | 02:15PM

PRO-PAIN release the first video - directed by Kirk Farrington - for the song "Deathwish" taken from the new album "The Final Revolution" .
You can see the video here:
PRO-PAIN are set to release their new studio album The Final Revolution on November 25th, 2013 (Germany: November 22nd, 2013; US/Canada: January 21st, 2013).

18th November | 04:25PM

Two more new bands! Please welcome STOMPER 98 as another headliner! Also on the bill are the English guys from THE CRACK!

18th November | 04:00PM

CRUSHING CAPSARS will celebrate their record release of "F.T.W - No Regrets" on the 21st of December at the Mau Club in Rostock! So be there and party with them!

15th November | 03:00PM

Please welcome DISCHARGE on the bill!
You can get your Tickets right here:

13th November | 04:00PM

12th November | 12:00PM

The line-up is growing and growing! BUSTER SHUFFLE will carry the audience of the PUNK & DISORDERLY already for the third time and also on board the Italian punk outfit KLASSE KRIMINALE! This gonna be a blast!
The presale will start soon, so stay tuned!

05. November | 13:30UHR
The show at the Kantine in Schwaebisch Hall, November 22nd is sold out completely! This is going to be a brutal show!
31st October | 01:30PM

We can proudly announce two more bands for the PUNK & DISORDERLY 2014! On board are LION’S LAW and CHOSEN ONES!

28th October | 05:50PM

The show in Lichtenfels hast o be cancelled for organizational reasons.
But the guys in the area of Saarbrücken can be glad! The EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR will take place at Garage on the 17th of January 2014!

23rd October | 02:30PM

EVERGREEN TERRACE's  new album, "Dead Horses" comes out December 10th!
Don’t miss them live on stage at the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014!!!

18th October | 01:30PM
PUNK & DISORDERLY Festival 2014

The legendary PUNK & DISORDERLY Festival goes in its next round!
From April, 11th – April, 14th 2014 Berlin will be settled by Punk, Ska and Oi! fans from all over the world again.
And of course it will take place in the Astra Kulturhaus again, we just like it too much!
We can also announce the first bands. On the bill are SHAM 69 in original line up, THE ADICTS who convince with their crazy show and THE BUSINESS who should not be missed with their original british Oi! sound. Furthermore we have THE CASUALTIES on board. Their performance at the PUNK & DISORDERLY will be the only German show in the near future. Also BOOZE & GLORY from England and the German guys in OHL will be playing. But of course more Top Acts will follow!
Tickets will be available soon, too! So stay tuned!

14th October | 01:20PM

STOMPER 98 are celebrating their 15th anniversary on this two shows:
15.11. Dessau – Beatclub (Germany)
16.11. Dortmund – Kaktus Farm (Germany)
So don’t miss this great party and save your tickets soon.

10th October | 04:00PM

ARGY BARGY will be taking a break from gigging for a few months due to personal health reasons.
However in this time they will be writing and recording new material for a number of releases. They will be joined by a new bass player and long term friend Nicky Baxter. "We’d like to thank Dalb for the last 10 years and wish him all the very best for the future".

07th October | 04:10PM

We are really proud to announce that we collected 977,35 € for the AJZ Chemnitz via our fundraising campaign!

30th September | 11:00AM

‘Dreams from the Factory Floor’, the debut album from LOUISE DISTRAS is out now worldwide, via  iTunes, Coretex Records, and
Click one of the links to order your copy now!


27th September | 11:00AM


Bad news! RISK IT! has to cancel their upcoming shows in September and October. The singer injured his knee while the show on Outbreak Fest and came down with a ligament rupture. We hope that he’ll get well soon!


26th September | 02:50PM


STRIFE team up with Ambitious Films and HB Super to bring you the official video for "Carry The Torch" from Strife's recently released album, Witness A Rebirth.
The video was filmed at the legendary Conne Island, a music venue and cultural center in Leipzig, Germany.
"Carry The Torch" features guest appearances from members of H20, Sick of it All, Alpha & Omega, First Blood, Risk It!,  Final Prayer, Stick To Your Guns, The Haverbrook Disaster, and more.
The video pays homage to the bands that inspired STRIFE, while shedding light on a new generation of bands that are carrying the torch of the true spirit of hardcore.
See STRIFE live on stage at the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR in January 2014!



24th September | 02:30PM


Disinterred British extreme metal legends CARCASS have stormed the German media control charts with their new masterpiece, »Surgical Steel«.
The album hit the charts on position # 10 in its first week.
And here more  »Surgical Steel« first-week chart positions around the globe: Finland: #6, Germany: #10, Austria: #24, Sweden: #42 (Sweden Rock/Metal #4), UK: #47 (UK Indie #13, UK Rock #4), Australia: #59, Netherlands: #73, France: #80, Ireland: #84 (Ireland Indie: #15), Belgium: #117 (Flanders #130, Walloonia #87)
This are the best chart results ever for CARCASS in this countries. Congratulation, Boys!!!
The band states:
"Wow! Well we had every faith in the fact that we've recorded a very strong albumand we had every faith in our label Nuclear Blast that they
would work their asses off - but this is AMAZING news!!! This even more impressive when you consider that our album 'leaked" a month before
the release date AND that we didn't target the charts in the Summer when it was "soft" and easier to chart high.
CARCASS was up against some strong mainstream releases this past week! Thanks to all the listeners who bought the album- it goes to prove to
all the cynics out there wrong - people DO still buy albums -especially Metalheads! If you bought the album you should be proud of yourselves!
Again thanks from us!"
The highly-anticipated sixth full-length album by CARCASS, is available on several collectible formats and can now be ordered here
More on Surgical Steel:
Track-by-track part 1:
Track-by-track part 2:
Track-by-track part 3:
“Captive Bolt Pistol” lyric video:

23rd September | 03:10PM

The American hardcore metal legend PRO-PAIN are set to release their new studio album The Final Revolution on November 25th, 2013 (Germany: November 22nd, 2013; US/Canada: December 3rd, 2013).
The Final Revolution was recorded, mixed, and mastered by V.O. Pulver (Gurd) at Little Creek Studio in Gelterkinden, Switzerland from August 18th to August 29th, 2013.
The standard release will feature twelve brand-new tracks. There will be other configurations available as well, in the form of a Digipak and a Gatefold Album. The Digipak will contain bonus material (including live tracks plus a UK Subs cover) and a foldout poster.


20th September | 04:00PM

The last show of the BIOHAZARD fall tour 2013 will be a very special show!
The guys will play in Frankfurt at 11er Club, which has only a capacity of 180 people!
Save your tickets upfront to make sure that you can party with them!

19th September | 05:10PM

Today we can proudly announce the final band for the EMP PERSITENCE TOUR 2014!
We´re very proud to finally have our friends in NASTYon board! They are the perfect addition to this great lineup feat. SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, TERROR, STRIFE, EVERGREEN TERRACE, RAMALLAH and the ARRS!
Are you ready for EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014??? We are!

19th September | 12:50PM

The BIOHAZARD show in Lünen @ Greif is completely sold out!
Check the upcoming dates and save your tickets before it’s too late!

13th September | 03:50PM

Check out the brand new THE BRAINS video!
are coming back to Europe in November!!!

13th September | 12:30PM

Today is the day! After years of waiting, finally the new CARCASS album »Surgical Steel« will be released via Nuclear Blast!
CARCASS has risen to the occasion and given fans an album that holds up to their classic repertoire, delivering another
milestone in their highly influential career. Everything a CARCASS fan could want is on this record, with every era of the band represented. Its genesis however was not without its fair share of blood, sweat and tears of course.
In short, »Surgical Steel« is just what the doctor prescribed.
The music press worldwide is praising the new album and many of the journalists say it’s already the album of the year!
See for yourself:
„ALBUM OF THE MONTH“Metal Hammer| Germany
„ALBUM OF THE MONTH“Rock Hard | Germany
„ALBUM OF THE MONTH“Legacy | Germany
"The death metal album of the year." Decibel Magazine | USA
and many more...
The highly-anticipated sixth full-length album by CARCASS, is available on several collectible formats and can now be ordered here

06th September | 05:50PM

After 24 hours NAPALM DEATH announced their special one-off performance with artist Keith Harrison at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London on March 22, 2013 the show has been sold out!
The band will play a special live set through an experimental sculptural sound system constructed by Harrison. Clad with ceramic tiles, the structures will potentially disintegrate as the performance progresses.

05th September | 12:30PM

Please welcome the metal/hardcore combo THE ARRS from Paris as opener for the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014! So our linup is almost finished. One more act is coming up soon! Stay tuned!

04th September | 05:40PM

MAD SIN meets M.A.D.
From now MAD SIN and M.A.D. Tourbooking will open a new chapter and continue a story that began many years ago. “Home is, where the heart is. What started with great success back in the day, shall now – with all eyes set to 2014 – be continued.” says Koefte DeVille. “We think of M.A.D. Tourbooking as the perfect partner for our band!”.
The upcoming album will be released – as usual – on People Like You Records during the first quarter of 2014. More infos, tourdates and song teasers will follow shortly, so stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears open, there is always something going on with MAD SIN!

03. September | 05:50PM

After the great success of the REBELLION TOUR, we can proudly present you the new “little sister” ENTER THE NU BREEED Tour 2013! MADBALL put together a great linup again! They will rock the stages with DEEZ NUTS, YOUR DEMISE and NASTY!!!
Check the Dates:
05.12. Prague – Roxy (Czech Republic)
06.12. Gdynia – Ucho (Poland)
07.12. Ostrava – Barrak Music Club (Czech Republic)
08.12. Bratislava – Randal Club (Slovakia)
09.12. Budapest – A38 (Hungary)
10.12. Bucharest – Arenele Romane (Romania)
11.12. Sofia – Mixtape 5 (Bulgaria)
12.12. Novi Sad – Quarter (Serbia)
13.12. Sarajevo – Cinemas Ex Sloga (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
14.12. Nova Goricia – Mostrovna (Slovenia)
15.12. Graz – Explosiv (Austria)

19th August | 04:00PM

Sad news from our friends Downset! Due to serious medical circumstances the band has to cancel their remaining shows.
We hope that Chris recovers fast and wish him all the best!

"Well, all good things must come to an end!!! Unfortunately, downset. must postpone the remainder of the European tour. Turns out what we thought to be the stomach flu during our Hamburg show, our drummer Chris Lee burst his abdominal lining with a hernia and was rushed to ER in Herzebrock right after the show. The Dr's advised us that he needs immediate surgery to avoid a potential life threatening ordeal. We've collectively decided that we need to send Chris home for surgery. We'll be working with our Agent to return and finish what we started!!! We are overwhelmed with the responses and love that we received f rom the old and new fans at every show. We also reconnected with some old family like Agnostic Front, Biohazard, First Blood and Madball!!! Well be definitely doing some shows with our HC Family in the near future."

08th August | 11:30AM

Grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH continue to promote their critically acclaimed latest, 14th studio album release, “Utilitarian”. Next to ongoing festival activities, the British masters of noise have now confirmed to be teaming up with Children Of Bodom on a string of large dates in the UK and Ireland. Here is an exact list of dates, which also feature labemates Insomnium as well as Medeia in the support  slots:

Children Of Bodom, Napalm Death, Insomnium & Medeia:
Monday, 7 October 2013 Bournemouth - O2 Academy
Tuesday, 8 October 2013 Bristol (UK) - O2 Academy
Wednesday, 9 October 2013 Dublin (Ireland) - Vicar Street
Thursday, 10 October 2013 Sheffield (UK ) - O2 Academy
Friday, 11 October 2013 Newcastle (UK) - O2 Academy
Saturday, 12 October 2013 Manchester (UK) - Academy
Sunday, 13 October 2013 London (UK) - O2 Sheperds Bush Empire

NAPALM DEATH frontman Mark 'Barney' Greenway checked in with the following comment: "We realise that there will be a fair percentage of people at these shows who have never heard of NAPALM DEATH - let alone would go to see the band - and so the task for us is to do our utmost to give people a truly extreme experience sonically and of course offer some ethos. There will be noise in the purest sense of the word and we appreciate being asked to do our bit."
Children Of Bodom added the following: "Touring the UK & IRE with NAPALM DEATH feels great! We are honoured to have these pioneers with us and looking forward to seeing them live every night!"

07th August | 02:00PM

Not long ago a part of Germany was affected by heavy flood water. A lot of cities and villages has been damaged by the flood and a lot of people lost their goods and chattels.  M.A.D. Tourbooking decided to collect some donations to help out. We asked some of our artist to support us and we received great goods that we can auction off. The records, cds, shirts, etc. can be bought at auction via eBay. The whole proceeds will go to the AJZ Chemnitz, a youth club in East Germany.
We decided to donate the money to the AJZ Chemnitz as we want to support a live club and a alternative youth center at the same time. How the AJZ was affected you can read below.
The things you can buy are partial very limited and hand signed. So take the chance and bid for it! And please don’t forget that this is for charity!
You can find the auctions here:
At the beginning of June 2013 after weeklong heavy rain in the region of the Erz Mountains in Saxony/Germany we, the Alterative Youthcenter (AJZ) in Chemnitz, were hit by a strong flooding. The central heating unit of our building, placed in the cellar, was drowned and destroyed, band's rehearsing rooms, workshops, sanitary facilities and parts of the building were severely damaged by water and mud. It's our near aim to continue with our normal business in autumn this year, with concerts, social work with young people, parties, bands that rehearse, worshops etc.
The decisive goal is to rebuild the damaged facilities to be better prepared for futures possible floodings. The insurance for our building will not cover all the costs for repairing all the damages.
The auction, initiated by M.A.D., to help us against the flooding is a great idea! We got a lot of help and support in the last weeks, nevertheless we still depend on help to repair everything and to keep our center up. That's why we are very pleased about M.A.D.'s support with this auction auf rarities.

01st August | 02:15PM

We are glad that SUICIDAL TENDENCIES are confirmed as headliner for the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014! They make a good line up almost perfect! They will rock the stages together with TERROR, EVERGREEN TERRACE, STRIFE, RAMALLAH and more in January 2014 in 11 cities all over Europe!
From today on you can buy your tickets for this amazing tour! So check the ticket section on our website! (Dresden and Zürich will follow soon!)
Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies) comments: "Suicidal was honored to be asked to headline the 2012 Persistence tour. It was an amazing tour and more fun than even we expected! Now to be asked to headline again next year, we are extremely proud and excited, and can't wait to heat things up again for 11 shows in the middle of winter cold, and be a part of this amazing tour. I know every band on this tour is waiting and ready to bring it on!
Don't miss it and get your Slam on with Suicidal and the EMP Persistence tour January 2014!"

30th July | 12:00PM

DOWNSET. will collect donations for the HARDCORE HELP FOUNDATION at their shows. Please read their statement:
DOWNSET. is always heavily involved in and consciously aware of current events around the globe. The socio-political realm being the most tended to. People are people regardless of circumstance and sometimes those people need the help of others, you! This year for our Calling You Out 2013! Tour we are partnering with The Hardcore Help Foundation to bring help and awareness to the people of the same neighborhoods, towns and cities we will be performing in.
In accordance with this partnership we will be raising money for HHF and offering everyone in attendance a chance to donate 5 Euros and receive a FREE I-tunes download of the new DOWNSET. single, “Forgotten” with that donation! This is the newest DOWNSET. single and will be released in conjunction with the Calling You Out 2013! Tour!
The Hardcore Help Foundation is a non-profit project and part of a registered social association, Die Flotte e.V. in Bochum (Germany). A social club that helps people. HHF is a collaboration of friends and volunteers from all over the world to support people in need. Collecting merch at hardcore shows and accepting (merch) donations. They also have some of their own merch in their online shop for sale. All profit goes to their projects.
We thank you for your support! DOWNSET.“

26th July | 02:10PM

Today we can proudly announce EVERGREEN TERRACE for the EMP PERSISTNECE TOUR 2014!
They are working on their new record “Dead Horses” at the moment, which will be released in fall this year! So catch them live in January to see how they perform their new songs on stage!

24th July | 04:30PM

HEARTWORK, the classic album from British grindcore/death metal legends CARCASS, has been remastered with Full Dynamic Range audio and is available now on limited edition CD and LP.
Originally released in 1993, HEARTWORK was CARCASS' biggest-selling album, and their first to land in the top 50 of the UK charts. 
The HEARTWORK Full Dynamic Range edition is available now on CD, including four bonus tracks and a limited edition slipcase sleeve, and is also available on limited edition coloured vinyl LP in the following quantities and colours:
100 - Desensitized White (SOLD OUT)
200 - Right Ventricle Blue (SOLD OUT)
300 - Left Ventricle Red (SOLD OUT)
400 - Perpetual Decay Green
900 - Bleeding Dark Black
Get the HEARTWORK Full Dynamic Range Edition now on CD and LP in Europe at
The HEARTWORK Full Dynamic Range Edition is also available now on iTunes at

22nd July | 03:40PM

Do you like RAMALLAH? Yes? Rejoice! They are playing the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014!

19th July | 03:40PM

THE MAHONES have FINALLY put together a video for their first ever single, Drunken Lazy Bastard, which was released nearly 20 years ago!

18th July | 03:00PM

Yeah! We are psyched to announce the L.A. Hardcore warriors TERROR as second band for the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014! Presale starts at August, 01st!  

18th July | 02:10PM

Who can’t wait until tomorrow can preorder the new THE DEPARTED record “Steal The Crown” on iTunes!

17th July | 01:10PM

See TERROR’s new music video for “I’m Only Stronger”!

16th July | 12:30PM

After their successful European tour with SEPULTURA, Tel Aviv-based neo-thrashers HAMMERCULT are recording the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut album, "Anthems Of The Damned". Entitled "Steelcrusher", the new 12-song CD will be mixed by Chris "Zeuss" Harris and is currently scheduled for an October, 28th release through Sonic Attack Records/SPV in Europe and North America.
will perform the "Steelcrusher" title track at festival appearances in Slovenia and Germany during July and August.
The limited-edition vinyl version of "Anthems Of The Damned" is out now with new cover artwork and three bonus tracks.

15th July | 03:30PM

Today we can proudly announce the first band for the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014! Please welcome the incredible STRIFE on the line-up! More Bands coming up soon!

12th July | 05:50PM

Finally the routing for the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014 is complete. The last two dates are confirmed. We will announce the first bands next week so stay tuned!
16.01.2014 Berlin – Astra (Germany)
17.01.2014 Lichtenfels – Stadthalle (Germany)
18.01.2014 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (Germany)
19.01.2014 Deinze – Brielpoort (Belgium)
20.01.2014 Paris – Bataclan (France)
21.01.2014 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof (Germany)
22.01.2014 Zürich – Komplex (Switzerland)
23.01.2014 München – Backstage (Germany)
24.01.2014 Hamburg – Grosse Feriheit 36 (Germany)
25.01.2014 Dresden – Event Werk (Germany)
26.01.2014 Tilburg – O13 (Netherlands)

12th July | 03:30PM

More Dates announced!
17.01.2014 Lichtenfels – Stadthalle (Germany)
24.01.2014 Hamburg – Grosse Feriheit 36 (Germany)

10. July | 04:40PM

We are really sorry that we have to tell you that another tour has been cancelled. The guitar player of D.R.I. has huge problems with his finger, he can’t bend it anymore, so he’s unable to play guitar. Seem like it’s from an injury month ago. We wish him all the best and hope that he gets well soon!

10th July | 11:20AM

And it goes on! Here are three more dates of the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014!
16.01.2014 Berlin – Astra (Germany)
21.01.2014 Wiesbaden – Schlachthof (Germany)
23.01.2014 München – Backstage (Germany)



02nd July | 12:50PM

The TERROR + ALPHA & OMEGA show in Landgraaf @ De Oefenbunker (Netherlands) on 04.07. is sold out!

26th June | 02:30PM

Today we announce two more dates of the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014!
20.01.2014 Paris – Bataclan (France)
22.01.2014 Zürich – Komplex (Switzerland)

25th June | 05:10PM

Unfortunately we have to tell you that the 7 SECONDS tour has to be postponed for an indefinite time. Their frontman Kevin had an accident last week during a show in Canada and injured himself while the performance. He may be torn his calf muscle and so he won’t be able to do the upcoming European Tour.  We’ll keep you updated!
And get well soon Kevin!   

25th June | 02:40PM

Husker Du's "Makes No Sense At All" as recorded by THE MAHONES for their 11th album, Angels & Devils.
"If you know Finny McConnell, you know he loves Husker Du. When he arrived in the recording studio during the Angels & Devils sessions in summer 2012, he was wearing his Husker Du Land Speed Record t-shirt for inspiration. He pitched up at the crack of noon (9 AM musician time) and drummer Dom "The Bomb" Whelan was waiting for him. Dom announced that he was going to record barefoot that day, like Grant Hart from Husker Du. Finny decided it was a sign, so they picked Makes No Sense At All as that day's warm-up tune, because they both love the amazing drum break. They played the song twice, and moved on.
When it came time to mix the album, they listened to it, and they liked it so much that they decided to include it on Angels & Devils as a bonus track."
Here it is - THE MAHONES' tip of the hat to the legendary HUSKER DU! Enjoy!

24th June | 02:10PM

NASTY released a new video for their song "Look At Me And Fuck You".

21st June | 05:40PM

Another sold out show!
There are no tickets left for the Navigator Birthday Bash in Schweinfurt with SICK OF IT ALL and TERROR! Save your tickets for the other shows before it’s too late!

21st June | 02:40PM

RISK IT!’s new E.P. "The Only Thing" is now up for pre order at
Check the new song “Disappear” right here

21st June | 11:20AM

And here are the first two dates for the EMP PERSISTENCE TOUR 2014!

18.01.2014 Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle (DE)
25.01.2014 Dresden – Event Werk (DE)

More dates and the lineup will be announced piece by piece. So check our pages and stay tuned!

20th June | 03:50PM

The SICK OF IT ALL show in Köln is completely sold out!
If you didn’t get a ticket you should save one for the Essen show as soon as you can!
02.07. Essen – Turock
Tickets are available here
By the way, the first part of their European tour starts tomorrow!

18th June | 03:30PM

The NAPALM DEATH show in Osnabrück on August, 08th has been complete sold out! Save your Tickets for all the other upcoming NAPALM DEATH shows before it’s too late!

13th June | 01:00PM

Disinterred British extreme metal legends CARCASS have been confirmed to team up with AMON AMARTH on their upcoming European run.
Jeff Walker commented:
"We are extremely happy and flattered to have been invited by the mighty AMON AMARTH on their forthcoming raids upon the fatherland and it's borders.
CARCASS has not played a club tour in Germany for TWENTY YEARS!!! Yes I repeat TWENTY YEARS! This is gonna be great with both bands playing songs from their new killer albums "Deceiver of The Gods" and "Surgical Steel". Anglo-Nordic Death Metal über Deutschland!
"Don’t miss this mighty package!
»Surgical Steel«, the band’s first studio release since their 1996 LP »Swansong«, was produced by Colin Richardson (NAPALM DEATH,BOLT THROWER, GOREFEST, CANNIBAL CORPSE, SINISTER, RODRIGO Y GABRIELA) and mixed/mastered by Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, ACCEPT, EXODUS, TESTAMENT).
Joining guitarist Bill Steer and bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker in the band's current incarnation are new drummer Dan Wilding (ABORTED, TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED)
and guitarist Ben Ash (PIG IRON, DESOLATION, LIQUEFIED SKELETON). Expect some guest vocals from original sticksman Ken Owen as well,
when »Surgical Steel«is released this Fall world-wide.

12th June | 11:55AM

Please welcome THE DEPARTED from Grimsby, UK on our roster!
If you are interested in a show with this great Hardcore Punk band please get in touch with

10th June | 01:40PM

Preorder A TRAITOR LIKE JUDS’ the upcoming full length "Guerilla Heart" as Digipak and Vinyl with an unbelievable limited handmade Bundle.
Check out the making of video of the "Guerilla Heart Battlefield Box" and preorder it here at :

10th June | 01:20PM

We're really sad to hear Torr Skoog the vocalist of THE KINGS OF NUTHIN' passed away yesterday.
R.I.P Torr, you will be missed!